The Way I Coupon



I love to use coupons. Really. I enjoy getting a good deal on anything I buy. If I didn’t have to budget and could spend whatever I wanted, I would still coupon and look for good deals. I think I enjoy the challenge. (Hey, it’s the little things, right?)

That being said, I am NOT one of those crazy coupon enthusiasts who use hundreds of coupons every week. I only clip coupons if they match these criteria:

  • it’s for an item I use
  • it’s for an item I’ve been wanting to try
  • it’s for an item that I can donate

 That’s all. I do not have a huge binder with the baseball card holders stuffed full of coupons, although I did start out like that. I would clip every coupon and try my best to match and double and all that other stuff… but then I realized that I was spending MORE on stuff that I didn’t really need anyway. Who cares if you got a good deal on it if you’re not going to use it?

So once I really figured out what worked for me I retired the binder and bought a small plastic accordian style thingie (I’m sure that’s the techical term) and labeled the dividers according to the different areas of the store I most frequent. (I’ll add another blog soon to show you my system.)

I usually only get my coupons from two different sources:

Occasionally I’ll find a good coupon on the manufacturer’s webpage (i.e. a coupon for Malt-A-Meal cereal on their website, which I did recently) but usually I just use the newspaper or Swagbucks.

I spend a few minutes on Sunday night or Monday morning clipping and organizing coupons, then I base my weekly meal plan around the sales and what I have in the freezer. (PS. I LOVE making freezer meals!) Then Monday morning after breakfast I load up the kiddos and off we go! My two year old even wants in on it. But I don’t share my coupons with just anyone. 🙂

But that’s it. It doesn’t really take that much more time. It saves me money. And it helps give me a bit of a challenge to find the best deals… and we all know that a stay at home mom needs a bit of mental stimulation sometimes.

But that’s a whole other subject.

* Please note that if you sign up for Swagbucks using the above link I can receive Swagbucks on your referral. I mean, it’d be great if you would, but I did want to let you know that you don’t have to.


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