Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas


I had a brilliant idea (which probably isn’t very breakthrough, but stay with me) while I was putting up my Christmas decorations this year.

As I was boxing up the miriad of tinsel, ornaments, and everything else that goes along with the Christmas holiday I made a list.  (I just love making lists.  Any excuse to make a list.)  I numbered each box.  Then when I put something in that box I wrote it down beside that number on my list. For example, box #1 — which is labeled with a big 1 on top and one side in heavy permanent marker — contains most of our artificial tree stuff.  So on my list I wrote: (1) fake tree decorations: lights (blue and clear), tinsel (blue and silver), bead garland (blue and silver). And of course I did the same for each box.

This will help me tremendously when I’m taking out the boxes in November because each box can go where it needs to be straight away instead of cluttering up my dining area and living room!   And since I usually write out my Christmas cards early (because I buy them on clearance after Christmas to have a good supply for the next year) I can easily locate that box and take them out instead of opening six boxes until I find what I want.

Now I realize that y’all are way more organized than I am and you’ve totally got a system in order already — and have long since put up all of those Christmas decoration boxes, right? — so this may not help you.  But maybe there’s just one person out there like me.  Someone who’d like to be more organized and find a better way to do things.  Someone who might still be putting up the decorations… or may be just leaving them out til next year.  (Mardi gras tree, anyone?)

Maybe I can help that person. 🙂


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