Goals for the Week: January 21-27


Goals for the Week

~ Continue daily the Habit of the Month {Bible Reading}.
~ Complete Week 2 of Living Like Jesus Bible Study.
~ Do something extra for my husband {note, special meal, back rub, etc.} every day this week.
~ Read 2 books/ebooks.
~ Read at least three books a day to my daughter.
~ Introduce my daughter to the letter “L”. Review letters “A” and “C”.
~ Invite friends over for a meal.
~ Fill and drop off box to Goodwill.
~ Exercise 30 mins x 5 days.
~ Clean all ceilings, ceiling fans and wipe down walls.
~ Declutter and organize {rearrange?} master suite.

These are my priorities this week. I feel like I make myself more accountable when I post my goals for everyone to see. I want to cross everything off this list! Of course, I also want to cross everything off of my daily to do list, but that rarely happens. There is always something to clean! 🙂


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