Memory Verse of the Week: Week 2


This week’s memory verse is Luke 2: 30 – 32:

luke23032 color

I love the line “all peoples” — that means everyone.  Jews, Gentiles… black, white… rich, poor… friends, enemies.  Everyone.

Up to this point the Jews were God’s chosen people.  They still are.  But the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus was so all people could have salvation.  Luke stressed this several times in this book (probably because he was a Gentile himself).

A light… to the Gentiles.  Jesus was indeed a light to the Gentiles.  He showed them the way to salvation through Him.  He is still a light to the Gentiles and to all the world.

And glory to Israel.  Old Testament prophesy had been fulfilled!  The Savior of the Israelites had been born.  This was indeed a glorious time for the Jews… if they chose to accept that Jesus was the Messiah.

I love these verses. It shows such trust and faith by Simeon (the speaker of the verses). He had waited his whole life to see the Savior. God promised him that he would before he died and Simeon trusted that. He was so filled with the Holy Spirit that he immediately recognized the Christ Child as the Savior.

Oh to be that full of faith, trust and obedience!  My sinful self can’t even imagine.  He lived in God’s will.  May I be also, Lord.

If you would like to download this PDF in color, click this link (luke23032 color).  If you would like it in black and white, click the following link (luke23032 bw).


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