Goals for 2013 {January Recap}


Goals for 2013

I can’t believe that the whole first month of 2013 is already gone!  Time flies when you’re having fun, right?  Well as promised, I’ve been working hard on realizing my goals for this year.  Here are my goals along with an update:

~ Read through the Bible in one year using this plan.  {So far, so good.  I’m on track with this one.  I’ve completed Job and Genesis.}
~ Complete at least three Bible studies. {Started a Living Like Jesus study of the book of Luke from goodmorninggirls (dot) org}
~ Teach my daughter (2.5 years old) numbers 11 – 20.  {She’s pretty good at getting 11, 12, and 13 but then it’s pretty garbled until a loud “20”!}
~ Teach my daughter weekly on the ABC’s. {She can identify and (sort of) write an A. Can also identify C, E, and L.}
~ Work on one new habit per month.  {January’s habit was daily Bible reading, which I succeeded at making a habit.  You can read more here.}
~ Take pictures of the children each week.  {Did this. Yay!}
~ Have monthly dates with the hubby, however simple they may be.  {Very simple this month.  Baby is too young for babysitter (IMO) so we had a movie date after the kids were in bed.}
~ Have monthly family dates.  {Had more than one.  My fave was snuggling on the couch watching Lord of the Beans while I made everyone s’mores in the fireplace.}
~ Take at least two overnight family trips.  {We have one planned for next month!}
~ Write at least two encouraging notes every month.  {I did this to for a few online friends.  Although they weren’t handwritten, they were sincere!}
~ Write at least two blogs per week.  {I think I only posted one blog one week, but otherwise did ok on this.}
~ Start (and complete!) at least six crafts or projects.  {Completed this craft!}
~ Invite someone to our house for lunch/supper at least once a month. {Had a few friends over for lunch, as well as various family members a few times this month — even overnight stays!}
~ Try a new recipe (or two) per month. {Tried the Cheddar Bay Biscuits — so yummy, especially while still warm! And the Slow Cooker, Easy Baked Potato Soup — a must try; it’s a keeper in this house.}
~ Make homemade baby food. {Baby isn’t old enough yet to try this.}
~ Save up for an elliptical machine. {I had already been saving for this and finally purchased one.  Hubby put it together last weekend and I’ve been enjoying it since!}
~ Save up for a new washer and dryer. {Working on this one now.  It’s gonna take a while!}
~ Read my ever growing stack of ebooks/books. {I read more than I expected.  You can check it out on my Goodreads account — although I did read a few that aren’t on Goodreads as well.}
~ Give to Goodwill/Salvation Army monthly. {Took one box to Goodwill.}
~ Reorganize and declutter the garage.  {The cold/wet/rainy/sleety weather we’ve been having lately hasn’t helped, but I am working on it!}
~ Reorganize and declutter the shop.  {Haven’t started this yet.}
~ Lose 40 pounds.  (Lost 5 pounds in January!}
~ Walk 500 miles during aerobic activity.  {Walked 17 miles so far… a long way from 500, but I suspect I’ll be doing more now that I have my elliptical.}
~ Take at least two online classes/webinars on something I enjoy or want to learn more about.  {Too much going on right now to worry about this.  I’ll start planning in a few months.}


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