Goals for the Week: February 3 – 9


Goals for the WeekThese were last week’s (January 27 – February 2nd) goals:

~ Continue daily the Habit of the Month {Bible Reading for January; TBD for February}.
~ Complete Week 3 of Living Like Jesus Bible Study.  {Have I mentioned how much I love this Bible study?  And how humbling it is.}
Have a date with my hubby.  {Love the simple date nights. :)}
~ Finish “I Can Teach My Child To Read” and read one other book/ebook.  {STILL haven’t finished that book.  But I did read “How Much Money I Need To Retire?”.  One out of two isn’t bad, right?}
~ Enjoy some play time with my daughter every day this week.  {Did this every day except Monday, when I spent most of the day sick in bed.}
~ Introduce my daughter to the letter “E”. Review letters “L” and “C”.  {She’s totally enjoying learning her letters. I’m so happy!}
~ Cooking from the pantry/freezer.  Need to clean it out!  {Since I wasn’t feeling up to doing much cooking this week, this worked out well.}
~ Exercise 30 mins x 5 days.  {Loving my elliptical!}
~ Clean all baseboards.  Wipe down all doors and door frames.  {I really dislike cleaning baseboards.  But it’s one of those things that really bothers me if it’s not done.  Crazy, I know.}
~ Finish cleaning all ceilings, ceiling fans and wipe down walls.

And these are this week’s goals:

~ Continue daily the Habit of the Month {February’s: Exercise daily.}
~ Complete Week 4 of Living Like Jesus Bible Study.
~ Send my hubby sweet texts or emails every day this week, since he’ll be gone all week to a conference.  😦
~ Introduce my daughter to the letter “O”.  Review letters “L” and “E”.
~ Take the kids to the arboretum, weather permitting.
~ Do a thorough vehicle clean out and wash.
~ Still cooking from the pantry/freezer.  Especially since the hubs is gone all week and I don’t feel the need to cook something fancy. lol
~ Exercise 5 days — at least 15 minutes of aerobic activity and 3 different strength training moves each day.
~ Clean out and reorganize my daughter’s room.  Been putting this off since Christmas.  *Sigh*
~ Clean all windows — inside glass, blinds, window sills, and frames.  Will try to do outside glass as well… for the ones I can reach.
~ Finish those few baseboards.  Finish wiping down doors and door frames.

Yes, it’s an uneven 11 goals this week.  I’m blaming it on those darn baseboards.  And I’m thinking about inlisting my 2 year old for help with them!

What are your goals for the week?


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