The Travesty That Is Called “Family Entertainment”


It’s been a long standing decision in our household (before we had children even) that we did not need to watch television.  For every show that is good, decent, and has a few morals there are dozens of shows that are just full of filth.  And the problem with watching TV programming is that after that one good show is off… it’s just really hard to get up and be productive.

It’s too easy to just sit on the couch and zone out.  You don’t have to think.  You don’t have to do.  It doesn’t challenge you.  You just sit and be “entertained”.  I understand why so many people watch TV, really I do.   And I also understand why it’s not right for me.

Way back when in the days before digital television I did have the basic channels.  You know, ABC, NBC, CBS and on a good day maybe even some FOX.  I would come home from work, cook supper (while watching TV), eat supper (while watching TV) and then (yup, you guessed it) watch some more television.  I gained weight.  I felt horrible.  I didn’t sleep well.  I procrastinated about other things (ok, ok, I still do that sometimes).

It was a very self destructive habit for me.

When they did the big change over from analog to digital we decided not to buy a new TV or converter box.  We figured if there were any shows we just HAD to watch we could pick them up online.

And you know what?  After the first couple of weeks it took to fully come out of the zombie-like state and start being productive again I realized I never wanted to live like that again.  Television is a bad habit for me.  I couldn’t say no.  I didn’t want to say no.  But I didn’t realize until after I broke the habit how destructive it was for me.

That was… I don’t know? Five years ago probably?  I can’t remember when they did the digital switchover.  These days it probably wouldn’t have the same hold on me.

But since then I’ve started a family.  I have a very impressionable toddler who is soaking in everything around her.  Do I want to subject her to that slime and filth??  Because if I don’t protect my babies, who will?

I ran across a blog post today that says everything I have been thinking on the subject.  Whether you watch television or not, if you have a few minutes please take the time to read it.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.



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