Goals for the Week: February 10 – 16


Goals for the WeekThese were last week’s (February 3rd – 9th) goals:

~ Continue daily the Habit of the Month {February’s: Exercise daily.}  — Even when I didn’t want to.  And some days I didn’t.  I’ve just been exhausted this week!
~ Complete Week 4 of Living Like Jesus Bible Study.  — Just when I started to think I was in a groove with this one, I had a day that completely got off track.  Never let your guard down!
~ Send my hubby sweet texts or emails every day this week, since he’ll be gone all week to a conference.  😦  — Totally missed him and I’m glad he’s back (and not just because I was completely alone with two children and desperately needed a break).
~ Introduce my daughter to the letter “O”.  Review letters “L” and “E”.  —  She really grasped “O” quickly.  And now she’s pointing them out when she sees them… even if they really are zeros or donuts. lol
~ Take the kids to the arboretum, weather permitting.  — Did this Tuesday.  It was a gorgeous day and we hadn’t been out of the house since Sunday.  It was time for some fresh air!
~ Do a thorough vehicle clean out and wash.  — Well, I kind of completed this.  I did the inside.  I think I’m going to delegate hubby to do the outside.  Welcome home, honey.  lol
~ Still cooking from the pantry/freezer.  Especially since the hubs is gone all week and I don’t feel the need to cook something fancy. lol  — The only reason I even went to the grocery store on Wednesday was for milk and produce.  And I even reorganized the pantry.  Yay!
~ Exercise 5 days — at least 15 minutes of aerobic activity and 3 different strength training moves each day.  Well, I just realized I should have grouped this one together with the first goal, as they relate.  But I did complete it!
~ Clean out and reorganize my daughter’s room.  Been putting this off since Christmas.  *Sigh*  I did this first thing this week.  It took a couple of hours.  (I had to put away the 18 month clothes and hang all of the 2T and 3T clothes that she’s growing into as well.)  It looks sooo much better and she spends more time in there now too.  I think the clutter was just overwhelming her.
~ Clean all windows — inside glass, blinds, window sills, and frames.  Will try to do outside glass as well… for the ones I can reach.  I didn’t do all of the outside glass… again, I think I’m delegating the rest of them to my wonderful hubby. 🙂
~ Finish those few baseboards.  Finish wiping down doors and door frames.  They’re done!  They’re finally done!!  (At least for the moment. Cleaning never stays “done”, unfortunately!)  My daughter did “help” me as well.  But she usually preferred to run off with the feather duster instead. lol

I think I did a pretty good job on my goals.  I’m gearing up for an extended visit from my in-laws so I want everything to be moderately clean, so there will be quite a few more cleaning goals this week.  I’m hoping I’m able to sleep better — I never sleep well when my husband isn’t here — which should put me in a better mood and make me more productive.  Maybe.

Anyway, on to this week’s goals:

~ Continue daily the Habit of the Month {February’s: Exercise daily}.
~ Complete Week 5 of Living Like Jesus Bible Study.  Stay up to date with my plan to read the Bible through in a year.
~  Bake my husband a special treat for Valentines Day.  Maybe make a card as well?  I haven’t decided.
~ Practice numbers 11 – 20 with my daughter.
~ Make a few Busy Bags.
~ Me time.  Catch up on watching Biggest Loser.
~ Do a freezer meals in a one hour session.
~ Clean out and reorganize my son’s room.
~ Flip mattresses, change air filters, and check smoke detector batteries.
~ Clean out linen closet and utility room closet.

I think I might be over-extending  myself a bit with these goals along with everything else I need to do this week, but I’m going to do my best!


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