Spring Cleaning: Week 3


Yes folks, it’s that time of the year again! The sky is blue, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and I’m… spring cleaning.

It’s more fun than it sounds. Really!  To me, anyway.

I’m one of those odd ducks who actually enjoys a good deep clean and declutter. And while I do a deep clean (or “spring” cleaning) a few times a year, the one that takes place in the springtime is my favorite. I don’t know why. I’m sure it is psychological – new life, new beginnings (and it’s the only time of the year the temperature is just right so I can open up those windows!), etc, etc.

And while I’m sure many of you have already started – maybe even finished – your spring cleaning (you have, right?) there may still be a few that haven’t begun.

So join me each week as I hit the “hot spots” in my home.  You know, those places that get dumped on, forgotten about and generally mistreated.  And while I shovel out some of  my embarrassing clutter maybe you can tackle some of your own.

The tools I’m using:
~ trash can
~ laundry basket or box (for those things you find that belong someplace else)
~ box (for those things you’re going to give away)
~ timer
~ good music (optional for some; necessity for me)

I will be posting some before and after pictures to help keep myself accountable.  And since these are only weekly posts I have no excuses if I don’t finish, right?

Last week’s project:  The Master Bathroom

In case you missed them here are the “before” pictures:



And what I said about them:

The shower and the toilet are both clean, I promise.  So I won’t bore you with pictures of those.  There’s quite enough to do here, I promise.  As you can see, the vanity has become a diaper changing area as well, and I’m not exactly sure when that happened.  I just know it made middle-of-the-night changes a lot easier.  But since the little one is sleeping in his own room now, I shouldn’t need this anymore.  Yay!  I can reclaim my bathroom!!

I definitely reclaimed the bathroom!  First I took everything baby related (and there was a LOT) out of the bathroom and back into his room where it belongs.  That made a huge difference on how the room looked.

I filled each sink up with bleach and hot water and let that set for a while while I wiped down the mirror, wall, and countertop.  I also rearranged and purged some of the things in the drawers to better accomodate the things that used to be in there that have slowly made their way to the countertop.  Oh, how I have missed those empty countertops!

And that was basically it.  I vacuumed and mopped, of course, and tidied up everything else.  It really didn’t take as long as I was expecting.  I was able to do it in brief snatches of time over a few days span.

Here are the after pictures:



Ahh.  Much better.

And now for this week’s project.  Which I’ve been dreading.  It has never looked this bad before… why did I let it get so out of control?

I’m talking about the master bedroom.  It’s always been a sanctuary for me.  A (mostly) uncluttered space where I can relax at the end of the day.  But lately it’s been the place where things are dumped and left.  And I can’t blame anyone but myself!  So this week I’m taking it back…. here are the before pictures:

This week’s project:  The Master Bedroom




I’m so embarrassed… there’s not even anything else to say.  Except that I’ll be back in a week to show you pictures that look a lot better than these!


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