May Fitness Challenge



I stated in the April Fitness Challenge post that I needed to change what I’ve been doing to lose weight because, well, I wasn’t losing any weight.  To jumpstart that I listed my goals for the month:

~ At least 900 fitness minutes (aerobic or strength training)
~ A different strength training move each day
~ Outdoor activity at least once a week (while it’s still cool enough to do so here in the south)
~ Walk 6 miles a week
~ Lose 2 more inches
~ Lose 5 pounds

And here’s how I did:

~  860 fitness minutes… so close
~ A different strength training move each day… I hate to say it but I did not do well on this; probably because I didn’t plan well.
~ Outdoor activity at least once a week ~~ I walked a few miles and did lots of gardening
~ Walked an average of 5 miles per week.
~ Lost no inches
~ Lost 1.5 pounds

I have about determined that at this point in my life (while I’m breastfeeding) I am just not able to exercise as intensely as I need to be able to lose a lot of weight.  If I do then my milk supply goes down.  And that’s definitely NOT what I want to happen.  Oh, and all of those people who told me that the weight would just fall off while breastfeeding?  Yeah.  They lied.  It doesn’t happen like that for me.

I eat right (most of the time) and exercise (most of the time) and I get so frustrated when the scale doesn’t budge.  Not a pound.  Not an inch off my tummy.  Nothing.  Nada.  Grr!  And all this does is make me want to give up.  I mean, what’s the point, right?  Why do all of this stuff if I can’t see the reward in doing it?

So.  I’ve re-evaluated my goals.  And had a nice long talk with myself.  Because even if I can’t see any results on the scale, I know I have more energy when I eat well.  Even when my pants still fit the same at least I know I’m also giving my son the nutrients he needs when I eat well.  So that makes it worth it.

And maybe I’m just being too hard on myself.  Maybe this is a mental roadblock.  I just don’t know.  So I’m still going to make goals for the month.  Because if I don’t then nothing gets done.  But they’re going to be a bit different.  I’m not making a pound/inch loss goal.  Maybe later, when I’m not breastfeeding.  But for now perhaps I just need to focus on getting fit.

So here are May’s fitness goals:

~ 1,000 fitness minutes — yup, I’m going for it!
~ At least 31 different strength training moves; but of course I’ll repeat some through the month
~ An outdoor activity at least once a week
~ Walk an average of 6 miles per week

And if you’re on your own fitness journey and don’t seem to be getting anywhere… don’t give up.  Take it day by day and just do it.  Because the little things add up, even if you can’t see the rewards right now.  You’re becoming a more healthier you.


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