June Fitness Challenge

source: freedigitalphotos.net

source: freedigitalphotos.net

Last month I determined that at this point in my life (while I’m breastfeeding) I am just not able to exercise as intensely as I need to be able to lose a lot of weight.  And I get so frustrated when the scale doesn’t budge and the inches don’t dissapear.  It makes me want to give up.  I mean, what’s the point, right?  Why do all of this stuff if I can’t see the reward in doing it?

So I completely re-evaluated my goals and had a nice long talk with myself.  Because even if I can’t see any results on the scale, I know I have more energy when I eat well.  Even when my pants still fit the same at least I know I’m also giving my son the nutrients he needs when I eat well.  So that makes it worth it.

I decided not to have a pound/inch loss goal.  For right now I would just focus on getting fit.

And here were May’s fitness goals:

~ 1,000 fitness minutes — yup, I’m going for it!
~ At least 31 different strength training moves; but of course I’ll repeat some through the month
~ An outdoor activity at least once a week
~ Walk an average of 6 miles per week

And here is how I did on them:

~ 1,300 fitness minutes
~ At least 18 different strength training moves (forgot to jot them down some days)
~ An outdoor activity at least once a week (usually twice or more)
~ Walked an average of 5 miles per week

I feel quite pleased with the progress I made this month.  I signed up for an online challenge which helped motivate me to exercise more and eat healthier.  I wasn’t as concerned with the numbers on the scale (I did weigh myself once a week for the challenge) and apparently all I needed to do was stop worrying about the numbers on the scale.  I lost 4.2 pounds and half an inch each in my bust and abdomen.  Yay for me!!  I’m super pumped about the abdomen loss!  Like most women, especially after giving birth, I’ve got quite a pooch that I’d really rather not have ever again (unless I get pregnant again, of course).

So since I’m on a roll, so to speak, I’ve kind of ramped up my goals for the month of June.  And here they are:

~ 1,500 fitness minutes
~ Strength training at least three days a week
~ Find a better core workout and concentrate on that 2 – 3 times a week
~ More time on the elliptical — at least twice a week

I have found that my core is quite weak.  I realize that having a c-section will have had something to do with that but it’s past time that I started strengthening it again.  I need to find exercises that are suitable for me (“regular” core exercises like crunches seem to hurt more than help since the surgery) and work on that.

Here’s to a healthy and happy month!


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