12 Habits for 2013 {June Recap}


12 Habits for 2013

January’s habit was:  Daily Bible study.
How I’m doing:  Some days are better than others.  I’ve been pretty consistent with it though.

February’s habit was:  Exercise daily (even if it’s just 10 minutes).
How I’m doing:  I did exercise every day this month, but some days it was only 10 minutes.

March’s habit was:  Drink 8 – 10 glasses of water daily.
How I’m doing:  I do really good with this one… weekends sometimes aren’t as great, but I do get about 8 glasses a day.

April’s habit was:  Be early or on time for everything.
How I’m doing:  I’m occasionally a few minutes later than I intended to be, but usually I’m at least 10 minutes early.

May’s habit wasLess procrastinating, more doing!
How I’m doing: I’m trying to combat a lifelong habit of procrastination so this is slow going, but I am doing better.

June’s habit wasPlan and incorporate a morning routine.
How I did:  I should have done what I first thought and worked on my evening routine before the morning routine.  I just could not seem to get it together this month!  I have had one in the past, but with the addition of each child my routines have kind of gone out the window.  I will continue to work on this though, because I know it will help my day go more smoothly.

July’s habit will be:  Plan and incorporate an evening routine.
I already have a basic plan but it needs a bit of tweeking to make it more efficient.


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