Goals for the Week: July 8 – 14


Goals for the Week

Here were the goals for last week and how I did on them:

~ Continue daily the Habit of the Month {July: Plan and Incorporate an Evening Routine}.
Still in the planning phase right now.  Should incorporate it beginning this week sometime.
Start researching next Bible study focus.
Haven’t found one that speaks to me yet.  Still searching.  (Anyone have a good one they’d like to share?)
~ Begin teaching my daughter our phone number.
Giving up on this right now.  I don’t think she’s old enough to comprehend.  Or maybe I get frustrated too easily. :/
~ Weed the garden.  Again.
I love having the garden but I’m not a big fan of weeding the garden.
~ Exercise 6 days.  350 fitness minutes would be about right.
Exercised all seven days and just exceeded my 350 minute goal!
~ Work on July’s budget.
Done.  Finally.
~ Deep clean floors.
Done.  Finally.  Not that you can tell that I did them. 🙂
~ Make out July’s menu plan.
We’re eating out of the freezer and pantry this month.  Gotta clean out the meats that have been in there for a few months.

And this week’s goals:

~ Continue daily the Habit of the Month {July: Plan and Incorporate an Evening Routine}.
~ Continue researching next Bible study focus.
~ Take daughter to VBS each day.
~ Spend quality one-on-one time with my son each day while daughter is in VBS.
~ Exercise 6 days; about 350 fitness minutes.
~ Work on new blog series to implement next week.
~ Plan stay-at-home date night with the hubs.
~ Work on marketing stuff for our church’s VBS.
~ Declutter and deep clean utility room/closet.
~ Declutter linen/hall closet.

What are your goals for the week?


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