July Fitness Challenge

source: freedigitalphotos.net

source: freedigitalphotos.net

June was an interesting month.  I had several challenging goals and was determined to meet each of them.  The best laid plans and all of that.  I battled sick children, laziness, emergency medical issues with my mom and several other “excuses” that made it difficult to get things done.  You know, life.

And I failed at my goals.

But not completely.

Here were my goals for June:

~ 1,500 fitness minutes
~ Strength training at least three days a week
~ Find a better core workout and concentrate on that 2 – 3 times a week
~ More time on the elliptical — at least twice a week

And here’s how I did on them:

~ Over 1,200 fitness minutes {Nothing to sneeze at.}
~ Strength training at least three days a week {Goal!}
~ Found a better core workout.  Used it about once a week {Close to goal.}
~ I only used the elliptical a few times this month {Will have to work on this again. I bought it for a reason!}

Not too bad.  There was a time not long ago that I would have completely given up by now.  Since I didn’t do it perfectly I should just quit all together.  I still struggle with this, but I am trying to move past the negativity in my head.  Babysteps. 🙂

July goals:

~ 1,500 fitness minutes.
~ Strength training three days a week – arms, legs and core.
~ More time on the elliptical.
~ Lose 4 pounds.


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