Goals for 2013 ~ Random Update


Goals for 2013

It’s been a while since I looked at my goals for the year so I just wanted to glance through them and see what progress I’m making — or what needs more attention over the next few months.

My 24 goals for 2013, in no particular order are:

~ Read through the Bible in one year using this plan.
    I’m a bit behind on this but I’m still confident I’ll have it read by the end of the year.
~ Complete at least three Bible studies.
    I have completed two so far.  I’m currently researching my third study.
~ Teach my daughter (3 years old) numbers 11 – 20.
    She’s getting a lot better on these.  We still omit number 14 most of the time though.
~ Teach my daughter weekly on the ABC’s.
    Yeah, I haven’t done this weekly, but we have been plugging away at it.  And this fall we’ll start a homeschooling curriculum!  
~ Work on one new habit per month.
    I’ve been pretty faithful about this for the year.
~ Take pictures of the children each week.
    I’m so glad that I’ve kept up with this one.  Little ones grow up so quickly.
~ Have monthly dates with the hubby, however simple they may be.
    I’m pretty sure we’ve done this each month; most have been very simple.  But with two young’uns I guess that’s to be expected.
~ Have monthly family dates.
    We have had so much fun with these.  I love doing things as a family!
~ Take at least two overnight family trips.
    We’ve already taken two so far this year.  I’d like to take one more when it gets a bit cooler.
~ Write at least two encouraging notes every month.
    I haven’t been very faithful with this in the past couple of months.  I aim to do better.
~ Write at least two blogs per week.
    I’m constantly writing something, but they don’t always get published.  (I’m my own worst critic.)  I do try though!
~ Start (and complete!) at least six crafts or projects.
    Yeah…. the completion part is what gets me.  I’ve only completed one this year so far.
~ Invite someone to our house for lunch/supper at least once a month.
    We’ve done this at least once a month.  Helps me keep my house cleaner too!
~ Try a new recipe (or two) per month.
    I believe I’ve tried at least one new recipe each month.   I love finding new favorites!
~ Make homemade baby food.
    By this point I think I’ve made gallons of the stuff!  Little man is always hungry!
~ Save up for an elliptical machine.
    Bought this!  Now I just need to find time to use it more often!
~ Save up for a new washer and dryer.
    Saving now for this.  Of course, the money we had saved will go towards purchasing a new dishwasher first since ours bit the dust.
~ Read my ever growing stack of ebooks/books.
    I think I’ve added more to the stack than I’ve read… but I’ll get there one day.  Maybe.
~ Give to Goodwill/Salvation Army monthly.
    I did not give last month.  I just plain forgot!
~ Reorganize and declutter the garage.
    This is slow going during the hot summer months.
~ Reorganize and declutter the shop.
    It’s too hot for this too.
~ Lose 40 pounds.
    So far I’ve lost six pounds.  Probably won’t get my goal but I will continue to work at it.
~ Walk 500 miles during aerobic activity.
    To be honest I haven’t even been keeping a good count.  I doubt I’ve done half.  I’ll keep working at it though.
~ Take at least two online classes/webinars on something I enjoy or want to learn more about.
    Totally forgot about this goal!  I need to start planning!


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