Goals for the Week: July 29 – August 4


Goals for the Week

Here were the goals for last week and how I did on them:

Continue daily the Habit of the Month {July: Plan and Incorporate an Evening Routine}.
I feel I actually have this down now.  I know how long I need to implement my routine and things are running as smoothly as they can run in a household with two young’uns.
~ Prepare first 3 weeks of pre-k lessons for C.
Done!  We start the 19th of August! 
~ Take kids to library for story hour.
    Due to time constraints, we weren’t able to do this.  Hopefully this week.
~ Exercise 6 days; about 350 fitness minutes.
    Done!  Pulled a hamstring (it’s only slightly sore) so I’m taking it a bit easy for a few days.
~ Start menu planning for next month.
I started… didn’t get very far, but I started!
~ Read a book/ebook.
    I didn’t finish a whole book, but I’m currently reading two books.  (I’m trying my hand at reading more than one book at a time).  Right now it’s Miserly Moms and Healthy Homemaking.   
~ Declutter and deep clean dining room.
I decluttered but didn’t finish deep cleaning (the china cabinet is all that’s left).  I’ll knock it out this week!
~ Declutter vehicle.
    I’ll be honest and tell y’all that I didn’t even attempt cleaning out the vehicle this week.  I have zero motivation to do so during the hot summer months.  But it must be done!

Wow, even with only having eight goals I still didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted.  I did make some good headway though and I’m hoping this week won’t be so hectic.

And the goals for this week:

~ Continue daily the Habit of the Month {July: Plan and Incorporate an Evening Routine and August: TBD}.
~ Acquire materials for my next Bible study.  I’ve decided on studying the Proverbs 31 woman.
~ Take kids to library for story hour.
~ FIll and drop off box to Goodwill.
~ Exercise about 350 fitness minutes.
~ Finish menu planning for August.
~ Finish one of my books/ebooks.
~ Clean out the freezers.  It’s time for another freezer meal cooking spree.
~ Clean all ceiling fans.
~ Declutter vehicle.

Have you written down your goals for the week?


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