August Fitness Challenge



July has already come and gone??  It’ll be Christmas before we know it!  And to be honest, I’m already ready for the cooler weather.  Outdoor activities have become more of a chore than a pleasure lately.  But y’all came to hear about how I did on my goals for July, not to hear me whine about the weather.  So here goes:

These were my goals for July:

~ 1,500 fitness minutes.
~ Strength training three days a week – arms, legs and core.
~ More time on the elliptical.
~ Lose 4 pounds.

And this is how I did on them:

~ 1,510 fitness minutes.  Woohoo!
~ Strength trained at least three days a week – and I did work on arms, legs and core each week.
~ I did spend more time on the elliptical.  I even completed a 5K on it one day!  Woohoo!
~ I didn’t lose any weight, but I didn’t gain any either.

The fitness challenge I was participating in finished during June and I was a lot more lax about my nutritional goals in July than I had been in June.  Thankfully my fitness level kept the weight off but I have no weight loss to show for it.

And when I make it a goal to lose weight I never do lose any weight.  Hmm… I’m sure there are underlying psychological issues there somewhere. :-p

I just joined a new fitness challenge (to lose 5% of my body weight in eight weeks) so I’m sure that will help get me back on track with my eating habits.

August Goals:

~ 1,500 fitness minutes.
~ Vary the routine a bit:  elliptical, Zumba (on my Wii), exercise DVDs (like Walk Away the Pounds or Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred).
~ Aim for 5 – 7 servings of fruits/veggies each day.  I stink at this some days.
~ 500 squats during the month.  That’s a bit more than 30 squats per day, 4 days per week.


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