12 Habits for 2013 {July Recap}


12 Habits for 2013

January’s habit was:  Daily Bible study.
How I’m doing:  I’m making some real headway with this again.  And catching up on my goal to read the Bible through in one year.

February’s habit was:  Exercise daily (even if it’s just 10 minutes).
How I’m doing:  I am pleased to say that I’m doing well with this habit!  Here’s how I did in July.

March’s habit was:  Drink 8 – 10 glasses of water daily.
How I’m doing:  I haven’t had a problem with this one — probably because it’s so hot outside and I’m craving the water to cool me down!

April’s habit was:  Be early or on time for everything.
How I’m doing:  I feel good about my progress on this habit.  I can’t remember ever being late for anything this month.

May’s habit wasLess procrastinating, more doing!
How I’m doing: I had a few instances of knowledgeable procrastination but I eventually came to my senses and got things done.

June’s habit wasPlan and incorporate a morning routine.
How I’m doing:  I’m still having issues with this but I hope that since I’ve got the evening routine sorted out now I can work on my morning routine.

July’s habit was:  Plan and incorporate an evening routine.
How I did:  I hit a few rough spots but I finally feel better about my evening routine.  I know what time I need to start on it to make sure I get everything done (and get in bed at a reasonable time).  Now I just need to actually get in bed at a reasonable time…

August’s habit will be:  Eat a healthier diet.
My plan:  Less packaged, more homemade.  Less fast food, more whole foods.  Less fried foods, more fruits and veggies.  These are the things I need to work on.



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