Thankful Thursdays


thankful thursdays

A few things I am thankful for this week:

Coffee.  Pure and simple.  I like it black, nothing in it.  I don’t even care if it’s hot or cold.  I’m not even really sure if I care if it has caffeine in it (although I’m sure that helps).  I just love the taste of coffee.  It’s so relaxing to just sit down with a good old cuppa coffee.


Veggie Tales.  I know, it sounds strange but hear me out.   Before I had kids I always said I wouldn’t be one of those parents who put my child in front of the television and let them watch TV.  I was thinking like a hour a week would be more than sufficient.  Like I said, that was before I had kids.  I soon found that sometimes Mommy just needs a few minutes of relative peace and quiet and she will do a lot of things she said she wouldn’t do… and letting kids watch some TV is much better than locking herself in her bedroom to have a mini-meltdown on those days that just aren’t going well.

We still don’t watch (or even have) regular TV channels.  We do have quite a collection of Veggie Tales and What’s In the Bible DVDs.  I guess my conscious doesn’t scream quite so loudly since I know my kids are at least watching wholesome TV instead of some of the stuff they have on air now.



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