My Journey to a More Disciplined Life


One of my favorite bloggers, Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom, wrote an ebook last year called 21 Days To A More Disciplined Life.

I’ve had the book for a while but I hadn’t had (or made) the time to start on it.  Since recently adding homeschooling to the list of things that I have to do each day, I decided that now was probably the best time to learn to be more disciplined.

Because oh, how I need it.

Everyone has 24 hours in a day.  How I choose to use those hours is up to me.  And I don’t make very good choices sometimes.  In fact, my lack of self-discipline is sometimes quite appalling.

Making weekly goals does help me tremendously to stay on task (which is something else I learned from Money Saving Mom) but I need… more.

So the first thing I did was put a block on certain websites that seem to eat up my time without any real gain (sorry, Facebook).  I love the StayFocusd app available on Google Chrome.  I only allow myself a handful of minutes each day for these websites.  If I go over that the StayFocusd app shuts me down.  I love it.  And hate it.  But mostly love it.

And now I’m ready to actually read the book.

I know the book says it takes 21 days, but I’m giving myself more time than that.  I know  at this point in my life that it’ll be next to impossible to complete the assignments every day.  My aim is to complete five steps each week.  That way if I miss a day or two I won’t start beating myself up and just stop reading it altogether.

Yeah, that’s happened before.

Have you read the book?  How do you stay disciplined?

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