12 Habits for 2013 {August Recap}


12 Habits for 2013

January’s habit was:  Daily Bible study.
How I’m doing:  I suspect this is probably the hardest habit to keep up.  If I miss one day it’s so easy to get out of the habit.  I’ve been doing really well though and I’m pleased at the results.

February’s habit was:  Exercise daily (even if it’s just 10 minutes).
How I’m doing:  Not too shabby!  Here’s how I did in August.

March’s habit was:  Drink 8 – 10 glasses of water daily.
How I’m doing:  I think this is the easiest of the habits I’ve started this year.  I definitely drink more water than any other drink… unless you count coffee.  And that’s water too.  Double score!!

April’s habit was:  Be early or on time for everything.
How I’m doing:  Other than the doctors appointment I completely forgot about until the next day, I think I was at least on time for everything this month.

May’s habit wasLess procrastinating, more doing!
How I’m doing:  I still struggle with this but when I realize I’m procrastinating I try to get it done or at least figure out why I’m procrastinating about it and take measures to combat that.

June’s habit wasPlan and incorporate a morning routine.
How I’m doing:  My morning routine is starting to shape up a bit since we’ve started homeschooling.  I have more of a structured time to do everything and I think that has helped.

July’s habit was:  Plan and incorporate an evening routine.
How I’m doing:  Some days are better than others but for the most part I have a pretty well run evening routine.  Most of it is autopilot now.  (Yay!!)

August’s habit was:  Eat a healthier diet.
How I did:  Overall I am pleased with the strides I made towards eating healthier.  There were some instances when I had to eat fast food (one day all three meals were fast food) but I know I still made better choices than I would have done in the past.  My fruit and veggie intake definitely improved and the amount of processed foods I consumed was down.  As long as I continue to be mindful of what I’m eating and do what I can to improve myself I think I’ll do well with this habit.

September’s habit will be:  Get dressed to the shoes each day.
My plan:  I already kind of started on this habit without realizing I was doing it.  I had been fighting this habit because I felt that it constrained me (I love to go barefooted).  However, when I have put my shoes on I am more productive and have seem to have more energy through the day.  I recently realized that if I wait until after breakfast to put on my lace up shoes I still have a productive day.  And since I have some time to go shoeless every day I feel less restricted.  Win-win.  Now I just need to carry on doing this to make it a habit!


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