Our Adventures in Homeschooling: Week 3 Review


our adventures in homeschooling

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A is for apple.  Apples, apples, apples.  I think we’re about apple’d out in this happy home.  🙂

But I must say, this is the first week I finally felt… comfortable teaching.  I wasn’t as uptight or rigid about making sure we followed my lesson plans.  Although we did the bulk of the lesson during J’s morning naptime, we still just kind of worked it in through the whole day.  It was a more natural approach, and I really, really liked it.  I think C enjoyed it better as well.

014This is how we always start off our day.  I got this from Confessions Of A Homeschooler and C really enjoys coloring in each day we “do school”, as she puts it.  {P.S.  COAH has tons of free printables on her website so be sure and check it out.}  Every day C likes to count how many she’s colored in as well.  So basically with this one page I have a record of how many days we’ve homeschooled, C works on her coloring skills AND counting skills.  Win!


This was one of the crafts we did this week.  I hesitated at the finger painting (I’m not a fan of messy stuff) but recently bought some paint dab markers.  They were even on clearance!  Why have I never bought these before??  And y’all, they make stuff like this soooo much easier.  No clean up involved.  Call me lazy if you want; I call it being resourceful of my time. 😀

Anyway, C really enjoyed dabbing on the paint and gluing on the seeds.  I didn’t think regular Elmer’s glue would hold them on but I was wrong.  So far, so good.  It’ll be hanging on our fridge for a few days until it’s added to the treasure chest with her other special papers.


We bought eight different kinds of apples!  Red delicious, golden delicious, fuji, gala, pink something-or-another, ambrosia, granny smith and jonagold.   We had so many that we ran out of room on our taste testing page!


Several of the apples were ones I had never tried before so it was a fun experience for the whole family.  We waited until after supper one night so Daddy could help us taste test as well.  C enjoyed using the paint dab marker (told you those things are awesome!) to mark our findings.  As you can see, we just took the sticker off each apple and put that in place instead of writing them all down.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many apples we’ve eaten this week.

020As I type this I can smell that apple sauce simmering away in the slow cooker.  It should be ready in about a hour… I’ll let you know what I think.  So far it smells delicious.  Tomorrow afternoon C and I plan to make an apple pie with some of the leftover apples.  I also plan on taking said apple pie to an extended family lunch on Sunday.  That is one of our services of the week.  Unless we eat it all first.  Then I’ll have to make another next week.

017We used the paint dab markers again to make “apples” on our A.  After I showed her how, C dabbed and then drew on the stems.  I love the apple on the bottom right.  We got a little excited with the marker and added a neck to the top of the apple.  Then she put the stem on top of that!  She makes me smile so much.

015Instead of using real apples to print for our theme adventure on Day One I made some on the computer, cut them out and laminated them.  Then I used dry erase markers to change up what I put on them during the week (Romans 3:23, patterns, etc).  I can totally see us using them for other things in the future.  They’re great for counting, alphabet, matching…. pretty much anything.

019This is a worksheet I got from education.com.  {They have loads of great printables as well.}  I already had these printed from months ago, before I got the GLE curriculum (which focuses on small letters instead of big letters).  I still use these, mostly to reinforce the words that start with whatever letter we’re studying.  C was eating breakfast studying the shape of the week at the time we reviewed this page and decided that all of the A words needed a Cheerio on them!  I told you she makes me smile.

We also enjoyed doing the Apple Tree Craft throughout the week — and yes, I used real paint for that instead of the markers.  I know you were wondering.  For some reason I did not get a picture of it.  I might come back and add one later.

One other thing I wanted to mention:  I have been learning ASL (American Sign Language) slowly over the past few years and have taught both children from a very young age the signs for simple things (ball, food, drink, yes, no, Mama, Daddy, etc).  While we’re having school time each day I try to show C how to finger spell the letter we are learning about that week.

I think that every person should have a basic knowledge of sign language and learning how to finger spell is the root of that.  If you would like to begin this in your own home but don’t have a clue what the signs are — don’t worry, it’s really easy.  And here is a website that has a printable with the alphabet and numbers 1 – 10 to get you started.

See how easy that is??  Who says home school is just for the kids?? 🙂

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  1. Looks like a fun week! I’m excited for the timing of the apple week – it coincides nicely with the beginning of fall for us (next week – waahoo!). I love how carefully you’re documenting your activities. I’m definitely struggling with that one. Too much teacher in me to remember to STOP and take pictures… GAH! 🙂 Have a great week!

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