Our Adventures in Homeschooling: Week 5 Review


our adventures in homeschooling

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The letter for this week was “T” — like T for tent, but more on that in a minute.

Thankfully the weather has been a bit more accommodating for us this week, especially later on this week, and the temperatures are nice enough now that outside work is enjoyable.  {In fact, I’ve just come from out on my deck where I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee with only the deer and birds to keep me company.  Ahh, pure bliss.}


C and I had fun going out and having a nature hunt.  She asked a lot of questions about  pine cones, trees, acorns, and the like.  The acorns and pine cones are now part of my indoor fall decorations… I opted to keep the leaves, twigs and dirt outside, much to C’s dismay. 🙂


It’s a T!  Well, first she said it was an X.  {To be fair, from where she was standing it was an X.}

I enjoyed teaching about Abraham, and even though I’d just read the story a few months ago in my Bible reading I had already forgotten just how much he and his family had to move around!  I was quickly reminded when we were moving our “tent” (a light blanket held up by whatever was handy) around during the Bible time on Day 2.

She loves that she has her own flashlight to use while we’re “exploring” — I put one in her Explorer Kit from Week 1 — and had a lot of fun using it with her “star cup”.  {P.S.  I had no Styrofoam or plastic cups in my house!  I had to stop by Sonic on the way home from church last Sunday night to get one!  *Sigh* It was such a chore having to drink that whole cherry cheesecake shake.  Although I did have help drinking it.  And it was a small one.  Just a little disclaimer there.}

007C thinks pipe cleaners are one of the best things ever.  They’re fuzzy and can be shaped into pretty much anything.  Really, what’s not to love?

006I changed up this Number Match activity a bit.  I glued the numbers onto blank index cards and then drew the corresponding amount of dots to the other side.  I then cut them in different ways so she’ll instantly know if she’s right.  I plan on using this activity a lot.  C needs to work more on identifying numbers and I believe this could help.

002This is one way we practice and learn shapes.  I got these cards from the Dollar Tree (I love that place) several months ago — I’m sure you can find them at WalMart, Target, etc as well.  I mix them all up and then ask her to find all of the triangles (or whatever shape we’re working on for the week).  Sometimes we name each card and put them in their own piles (as you can see from the above picture).

She enjoyed making the paper tent for Abraham to live in.  Which may or may not have been destroyed by J before I was able to take a picture of it.  We also had an Abraham coloring sheet from What’s In The Bible — they have loads of coloring pages and other activities.

Oh, and we started on a new activity binder this week.  It should help C learn to identify numbers, days of the week, months, seasons, how to write her name, etc.  Once I get it tweaked I’ll show you what I mean — probably sometime next week!

P.S. — We’re taking next week “off” from school so there won’t be a weekly review post.


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