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I ran across this post from Littlest Sweet Pea a few days ago which talked about “Mommy School Binders”.  Is that not the best thing ever invented?  I mean, seriously.  My daughter would benefit so much from something like this.  She loves to “do school” and especially loves anything she can do by herself… and if it’ll keep her occupied for a while so I can have a cup of coffee in peace put the baby down for a nap then I’m all for it.  Plus, you know, it’s educational and stuff.  That’s the real reason for them.  Not the coffee in peace thing.


Anyway, moving on.


I already had a few things we were using daily that I could use (in what I’m calling the “Independent Preschool Binder”) that were just floating around without a proper home.  And there were so many printables I downloaded from the Littlest Sweet Pea post that would help C.  After I started researching and digging around I realized I probably had more printables than I needed and had to pare it down a bit to keep from overwhelming my little one!

The brilliant thing about these binders is the versatility.  If your child “outgrows” a section, take it out and replace it with something harder.  Or switch things out occasionally to keep boredom from setting in.  There are no limits to the possibilities.  And there are so many awesome bloggers out there these days that have the gift of creating these printables that you and your children can use.  And a lot of them do it for free!

How I Put Together Our Independent Preschool Binder

The Supplies:

  • sheet protectors (a must if you want to reuse papers) AND/OR
  • laminator/lamination sheets (I laminate for durability)
  • 1″ 3-ring binder (or whatever you want to use to store your pages)
  • manila folder (or whatever you want to use to store extra/future pages)
  • printables (see more in the section below)
  • dry/wet erase markers (C loves having different colors to choose from)

The Printables:

  • From Mama’s Learning Corner — the Preschool Calendar Notebook — I put all of those pages in the binder except the “This is How I Write My Name” page and the future calendar month pages, otherwise they would all be filled out tomorrow instead of in the following months. 🙂
  • From 3 Dinosaurs — Prewriting Practice — which I spoke about in this post.
  • From Littlest Sweet Pea — Name Tracing Practice — I made one with C’s first name and one with her last name.
  • From — Letters of the Alphabet and Trace the Alphabet.  (Note: This website allows 10 free worksheet downloads per month.  You can buy a subscription for unlimited downloads.  I just mark it on my calendar to remind me that I’m eligible for 10 more downloads each month.)


After I had everything printed and sorted it was really easy to put all of the printables in order, stick them in sheet protectors and let C have some fun.  We have worked through it together a few times and she is able to do most of it by herself.  We had never gone over the days of the week before so she still needs some help with that, but I think that printable is a fun way to teach them the days of the week.  {I also like the song here.}


I chose not to put in any color activities.  I don’t like to waste ink and C is comfortable with all of her colors anyway so there really was no point.  When I have a bit more time I would love to find some lower case alphabet tracers — I usually teach her lower case letters first so having those printables would be awesome.


As soon as she is more comfortable identifying numbers I would like to begin teaching her how to tell time (I’m sure I could find a nice printable for that to go in our little binder).  I will also be adding some “What Letter Is Missing” printables when she can easily identify and write her letters.


Like I said, the options are endless!


Can you think of an area I’m missing for our binder?


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