Countdown to an Organized Christmas: An Overview


countdown christmas

{If you missed the previous post in this series you can find it here.}

 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Well, not yet… but it won’t be long.  The stores are already starting to put out all of the Christmas decorations… craft stores such as Hobby Lobby have had them out since July!

I’m one of those crazy people who love everything about Christmas.  And I usually have most of my shopping done and wrapped by the end of October.  Oh, and the Christmas cards are usually done by then as well.   And I decorate the day after Thanksgiving — I’d do it before then if I could get away with it.  Yeah, I know.  I’m weird.

But for me that’s the way I have to do it to actually be able to enjoy the season.  I hate to be rushed.  I can’t stand to enter a store in the month of December.  (Does anyone else agree that online shopping is the best thing since sliced bread??)  I do not work well under pressure.  I am not like my mother who doesn’t really start buying gifts until the week before Christmas and then finishes around the time that the stores close on Christmas Eve — then she spends all night wrapping gifts.  Whew.  It seems to work for her, but that does NOT sound like fun to me!

And so my Christmas Planner — the Christmas Control Journal (CCJ) — was born.

This is my third year to have my CCJ and I can’t imagine life without it now.  The first year I made one by following a fellow blogger who decorated and prettyfied a Composition notebook to use as a CCJ.  Creating it was a lot of fun, but for me it makes more sense to create a CCJ that can be reused each year.  I tend to want to look through my CCJ over the course of the year (to write down gift ideas, crafts to make, or gifts I’ve bought).  Having a reusable, easily changeable CCJ works best for me.  But, if the annual creation of the journal is part of a tradition that you share with sisters/cousins/BFFs then keep doing what you’re doing!  Hopefully this series will help you too!

If you enjoy the Christmas rush, the chaos, and staying up until all hours of the night to get things done during the holiday season, this series may not be for you.  But if you’d rather have peace and goodwill towards men in the days leading up until Christmas then I’d love for you to stick around and join me in building your own Christmas Control Journal.

Over the course of this month I will show you some tips and tricks that I use to make my Christmas season more organized.  We will slowly build our CCJ and get ready for the holiday season.  You will usually have some homework.  Oh yes, homework. 🙂  Most of the assignments will only take 10 – 15 minutes a day though.  There will be free printables almost every day and hopefully a few tips that will help you have an organized, stress-free holiday season.

{Please note that while I celebrate Christmas and Jesus’ birth I am sensitive to the fact that others do not.  You can call this Control Journal anything you like:  Christmas Planner, Holiday Control Journal, Hanukkah Control Journal, just whatever floats your boat.}

And now, the homework:

Today’s Assignment:  Obtain a three-ring binder, some sheet protectors (if you so choose; I don’t use them because I write in mine too much to bother) and your favorite pen.  Chances are you already have all of those things laying around the house but don’t stress if you don’t have them… make do with what you have until you decide how you want to build your CCJ.   We’ll start on that tomorrow!

Today’s Printable:  Your Christmas Control Journal cover sheet.  I have attached both a color version (CCJ cover color) and black ink only version (CCJ cover bw).  Feel free to use these or make your own.


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