Countdown to an Organized Christmas: Christmas Card List


countdown christmas

{If you’ve missed the previous posts in this series you can find them here.}

Who out there enjoys getting Christmas cards each year?  Do you send them yourself?  If so, the project today will probably be beneficial for you!

I know that before I started keeping a list of people I wanted to send a Christmas card I would spend hours (usually the week before Christmas) wracking my brain and trying to figure out who I’ve missed from the list.  Because I just knew it would be the one person who would get offended that I forgot to send them one.

I doubt anyone ever notices if I do or don’t send them a Christmas card, but in my head it’s a huge deal.

So then the next year I would frantically search for last year’s list… it had to be there somewhere… and maybe just maybe I could get these cards sent out on time this year.  Riiiiight.  Like that ever happened back then.

But things have changed, shweethart.  Now I know exactly where my list is — right there in my CCJ.  And now it takes minutes for me to update it; taking off the names that I won’t send a card to this year and adding new people I’ve met through the year.

I even have a different page for each group of people that we send a card!  (Think: work friends, church members, family, friends, etc.)  It just makes things easier on me to divide it this way because it’s easier for me to see if I’ve overlooked anyone.

Including everyone, I probably send out between 75 – 100 cards each year.  Yup, I take my Christmas cards seriously.  It’s part of the fun of the Christmas season for me!

I usually start writing out my Christmas cards in October so they’ll all be ready well in advance and I can send them out on time.  Because I know me — if I wait until December 1st to start writing out Christmas cards I would never get them done in time.  I would forget half of the people and I would get them mailed out in time for New Years.  If they got done by then!

The reason that I’m able to start writing them out so early is because I always buy extra Christmas cards right after Christmas each year to use the next year.  I get them at a fraction of the cost and I don’t have to wait until they put them out on the shelves before I can start writing out my cards (granted, they are putting them out earlier and earlier each year!).

Instead of spending hours laboring through in a hurry I can take my time with them.  I usually write out 5 or so cards a day until they are done.  This takes minutes out of my day and helps get me in the Christmas spirit!

And now, the homework:

Today’s Assignment:  Write out your own Christmas card/letter list (if you send Christmas cards or letters).  Take some time to think about it — friends, relatives, church family, pen pals, old college roommates, neighbors, the mailman, your child’s teacher or class — just everyone that you send a card to each year.  Or maybe people that you want to start sending a card to each year.  This is the year to actually do what you’ve always wanted to make time to do!

Today’s Printable:  This printable has several pages because (like I said) I like to divide up my categories.  Print out whichever of these sheets you need:  CCJ Christmas card list blank  And this printable is just one blank page, in case you’d rather have all of your names on one list:  CCJ Christmas card list blank


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