Countdown to an Organized Christmas: A Day of Rest


countdown christmas

{If you’ve missed the previous posts in this series you can find them here.}

{**I apologize in the lateness of this post.  I have been out of town and thought I posted it before I left.  Apparently I was wrong!**}

Hopefully by now you’ve gleaned a few printables and ideas that will be useful to you in the coming months to have a relaxing, peaceful, calm Christmas season.  Since today is supposed to be a day of rest I wanted to change gears a bit and give you a few tips and ideas that have worked well for me over the years.

  • Gather all of your Christmas wrapping paper, Christmas gift bags, tape, a pair of scissors, ribbon, gift tags, and whatever else you use to wrap a present.  Keep these items all in one place.  Ideally they would always be kept in the same place, but if that’s not possible at least try and keep them all together until you’re finished wrapping the last present.  A corner of my bedroom turns into my “wrapping station” around the first of October and it stays there until December (all nicely organized, of course).  It’s soooo much easier to wrap a present when you have all of the needed materials at hand than having to first search for one or more items.
  • Wrap presents as you buy them (or a few at a time) instead of wrapping everything at once.  I enjoy wrapping presents if I don’t have a huge pile looming over me.  Taking 10 minutes here and there to wrap is much easier for me than to try and schedule an hour (or more) to wrap everything at one time.  I’m in a much better mood at the end if it’s done a bit at a time!
  • There is not a written law which states that all decorations must be put up the same day.  You don’t even have to finish decorating the tree all in one go.  Crazy talk, isn’t it?!  Decorating is a lot more fun if it doesn’t seem like a chore.  Also, doing a bit each day draws out the enjoyment for me and gets me in the Christmas spirit!
  • Don’t procrastinate.  Enough said.
  • Plan your calendar.  I know we talked about this already, but I can’t stress it enough.  It’s one of the major keys to an organized and enjoyable Christmas.  However…
  • Plan some down time.  Don’t pack the schedule so full that you don’t have a chance to breathe.  Everyone needs quiet time.

And in the spirit of having a day of rest, there’s not even any homework scheduled for today!  🙂


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