Countdown to an Organized Christmas: Entertainment


countdown christmas

{If you’ve missed the previous posts in this series you can find them here.}

A few days ago I mentioned that a few of my Christmas traditions included Christmas movies and music.  I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who likes to watch It’s a Wonderful Life every year!

I love to watch Christmas movies!  I rarely watch movies throughout the year, but during the Christmas season we’ll watch a few movies a week.  {Totally going over the normal daily allotment of television for the children and myself, but we let it slide.}  And I’m always on a quest to find a good Christmas movie that I haven’t seen — we usually add at least one to our collection every year.

My husband is in charge of the Christmas music.  He has more than a little bit of music stored on his computer.  And most every evening at our house during the Christmas season there is music playing in the background.  We start it the day after Thanksgiving (when we start putting up our decorations) and listen until Christmas Day.  There is nothing better than listening to a good rendition of O Holy Night or Silent Night to put me in the right spirit and frame of mind!

It slows me down.  It makes me appreciate the moment, the season, the reason that we celebrate.  It makes me smile and brings me joy.

And that’s why I put so much emphasis on Christmas music.  Even watching the movies gives me a time to stop and cuddle with my sweet little family.  Share some popcorn or hot chocolate and just enjoy the moment.

Those moments pass so quickly.  Savor them!

And now, the homework:

Today’s Assignment:  What are your favorite movies to watch at Christmastime?  What songs do you enjoy hearing?  If you don’t like them, that’s fine!  You won’t hurt my feelings!  Find something else that you enjoy doing.

Today’s Printable:  CCJ entertainment movies and CCJ entertainment music.  Print one or both; whatever you will use.  

Do you listen to Christmas music or watch Christmas movies?  What are your favorites?  I would like to know!


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