Our Adventures in Homeschooling: Week 6 Review




**I am posting this extremely late and I do apologize.  My internet has not been allowing uploads (i.e. pictures and videos) since last week so I’ve not been able to load the pictures to this post!  Frustrating!  But it seems to be resolved.  For now at least.**our adventures in homeschooling

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I didn’t think I’d say it, but I sure missed “doing school” (as C says) the past few weeks!  There were several reasons why we took two weeks off.  We started too early to let weeks 13 and 14 (the J for Jesus weeks) fall in the month of December (and we’re still early, but I’m planning on taking a week off for Thanksgiving too).  I’ve been sick for a few weeks with sinus trouble — which morphed into a sinus infection last week.  We had three old appliances taken away and three new ones delivered the next day — and that experience will have to be a whole blog post in itself.  And speaking of blogs, I’ve been quite tied up with the 31 days of blogging challenge too.

Needless to say, it’s been a pretty busy few weeks.  But we were back at it last week and both of us were raring to go!


These pages are part of her Independent Preschool Binder — each week I add the new pages for the letter of the week.  You can find these pages at Education.com.  She colors them pretty much every day so I’m glad I put them in sheet protectors.  She loves using the dry erase markers (I scored a set of eight different colors for about $4 on clearance at Walgreens a few weeks ago) and it makes for easy clean up.  Let’s be honest, they color enough masterpieces that have to be hung on the fridge.  I don’t need more of them. 🙂


This is also in our Independent Preschool Binder and she works on it every day.  These pages came from Education.com as well.

008This happened during one of my sick days — we did school in my bed that day.  (Whatever works, right?)  There were a few marker stains on my husband’s pillow after that day, but that’s why we buy washable markers!  We hung it up in the office (near our treasure map) and look forward to adding to it as the weeks progress.  C had fun cutting and gluing them by herself.  She’s still not very proficient with the scissors so I cut out thin strips of construction paper and she cut them into little pieces instead of using buttons or fabric.  We did this on card stock so it would be more durable.

010As you can see, she did this while I was occupied with J.  I did one of them (can you guess which one?) and she did the rest.  I think she was losing interest since she didn’t even do the top right one.  I was even planning on using paints with this one, but I was so ill when we did it that I just couldn’t work up the enthusiasm.

025I’m not sure that she quite realizes when she writes her letters upside down or backwards.  We’re still working on that.  She was quite happy with her smiley faces though — there is one for all four members of our family.  Isn’t she sweet?  🙂

Other things we did this week (that I didn’t get a picture of:

  • Watched The Ballad of Little Joe; a Veggie Tales show which tells the story of Joseph.
  • Worked on the Self Help project:  practicing our phone number.  We still need a bit of work on it, but she’s getting better.
  • We played Candyland (which worked great while in bed!).
  • Sorted dirty clothes by color.  That totally counts as a self help and color recognition, right? 
  • Read some books we had about colors.
  • Made and did the Egg Carton Color Sort learning bag.

And that’s all (that I can remember at least)!  This week we’re working on the letter I!





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