Countdown to an Organized Christmas: Notes for Christmas Future


countdown christmas

{If you’ve missed the previous posts in this series you can find them here.}

Have you ever looked at that partially put together artificial tree (or whatever) and said to yourself, “I know there’s a trick to doing this; I just can’t remember what it is?”

Or maybe your husband tells you every year at the last minute that he’d like you to bake nine dozen cookies for the company Christmas party… which is only two days away.

I think everyone has those little things that they think to themselves, “Ok, maybe next year you’ll actually remember this.”

Guess what?  You won’t.

I don’t either.  That’s why I started writing a list for Christmas future.  (It sounds kind of Charles Dickens-ish, doesn’t it?)

Some things on my list?

  • Not to forget that my brother hates pumpkin pie.  I made him one for at least 5 years before I finally started writing it down so I would remember.  My brain keeps thinking it’s his favorite!
  • No matter what I may think, eight strands of lights are needed for the artificial tree.  Not seven.
  • Don’t forget the stockings.  Or the stocking stuffers.
  • Send the UK Christmas cards early.  Like last week in November early.  Then if there is another Royal Mail strike the cards will hopefully still have time to get there before Christmas.

When you catch yourself thinking that you need to remember something for next year — write it down.  And especially write it down when you think to yourself, “Oh, I’ll definitely remember that next year.”

You know, just in case. 🙂

And now, the homework:

Today’s Assignment:  Print the printable and put it into you CCJ.  Chances are that there isn’t much you can put on it right now.

Today’s Printable:  CCJ notes for Christmas future.


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