Countdown to an Organized Christmas: Thank You Card List


countdown christmas

{If you’ve missed the previous posts in this series you can find them here.}

We try to instill good habits, thankfulness and proper etiquette in our children.  It’s a rough fight on occasion, but somebody has to do it.  🙂  And what better way to teach them all of those important lessons than having them write out thank you cards when they receive gifts?

The young ones will not be able to help you with this, of course, but it is still a way to brighten the gifters day with a nice thank you card detailing how much little Billy loves the toy train set.  And your BFF would love a handwritten note from you telling her how much you love and appreciate her gift to you!

Sometimes it’s just easy to be so busy during the Christmas season that we forget to stop and be thankful.

So I dare you to stop and be thankful for a few minutes.  Take a little time out of your busy holiday season and write some thank you notes to the friends and loved ones who cared enough to send you (or your family members) a gift.

And now, the homework:

Today’s Assignment:  Of course there’s not much you can do until you start receiving Christmas presents.  You can go ahead and get some cute thank you cards though!  Unless you’re like me and still have some left over from when your youngest child was born.  Then you’re off the hook.  🙂

Today’s Printable:  CCJ thank you card list.  


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