Countdown to an Organized Christmas: Storage Solutions


countdown christmas

{If you’ve missed the previous posts in this series you can find them here.}

Just think — in a few months time the holiday season will be over.  You’ll be taking down the decorations, and wondering where the time went.  And also maybe breathing a small sigh of relief that it’s finally over.  That’s okay too. 

But before you box up that strand of lights that only works half the time or repack those decorations that you didn’t use — again — this year, take a little time to clear out the items you don’t want, need, or love anymore.  Give them to someone who will appreciate them or toss them.  Loan them to someone if you can’t bear to actually get rid of them.  If you’re not using them or if they don’t work properly you shouldn’t spend your valuable real estate housing them.

I posted a blog after last Christmas about how I store my Christmas decorations.  It’s a method that works well for me.  (I used the same principle during my last move and it worked wonderfully!)  But if that amount of detail isn’t your thing, that’s ok too.  As long as your decorations are stored neatly (because no one likes to sort through a tangled web of lights!) it really doesn’t matter how you store them.

A few tips I use to help store my Christmas decorations:

  • I wrap Christmas light strands around my hand (you know what I mean; until they form a circle/ball) and then put them in a plastic grocery bag.  I label the bag with black permanent marker and write exactly what is in the bag.  (For example: “clear lights, windows”, “blue lights, big tree”, “red lights, artificial tree”, etc.)  There is no confusion and it’s easy to sort when I need them.  {And if I change my color schemes it’s easy to see what I have and what I may need.}
  • I try to keep the original boxes for the breakable little knick-knacks.  They’re safe and I can pop them all in a larger box to store them.
  • I only buy shatterproof ornaments these days.  With kids, pets and my own clumsy self I need everything shatterproof!  I tend to box all of the ornaments together in one box (a separate box for each tree — I have three trees).  I keep the hangers attached to each ornament.  It’s less time consuming than taking them all off and putting them all back on again the next year.  Occasionally I’ll have some that tie themselves together but they’re easily removed.  And it still takes far less time this way, even when I have to replace a few hangers which have fallen off in storage.  (Some might call it being lazy — I say I’m being efficient with my time. ;))

That is all I can think of for the moment — it is a little hard to think about storage solutions when you’ve had your stuff in storage for the past 10 months!  If I think of any more I’ll be sure and add to it.  Also, if you have any handy dandy tips you would like to share, please feel free!

And now, the homework:

Today’s Assignment:  We’re off the hook again today.  The work will come when Christmas is over and it’s time to put it all away again until next year.  Before then though, you may want to take stock of your storage solutions and see if you’re happy with them.  If not, start trying to come up with a way that is better suited to your needs.

Today’s Printable:  In case you use the method I listed above, I’ve attached a printable to help you:  CCJ decoration storage.  If you need more than two pages of space let me know and I’ll add more.  🙂


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