November Fitness Challenge



These were my goals for October:

~ 1,250 fitness minutes
~ Strength training:  30 mins, 4x week
~ 200 squats through the month
~ Zumba or another exercise DVD at least once per week

And this is how I did on them:

~  1,356 fitness minutes.  Woohoo!  Surpassed my goal!
~  I did not hit my ST goal.  I’d say I did about 30 mins, 2x per week.  I’ll have to refocus on that this month.
~  Cue the confetti!!  I finally hit a squats goal!!  I’m so proud of myself!
~  I have been lazy.  My cat knocked the Wii sensor on the floor behind the TV and I haven’t pulled everything out to get to it.  Yeah, I know.  Lame excuse.  So I didn’t reach this goal.  But I did hit my fitness minutes anyway, so I’m still pleased with my progress.

I surpassed two of the four goals.  Could have been better… could have been worse.  It was a really tough month for me (as I knew it would be) so I’m happy I was able to do the things I did.  I am very pleased to mention that I lost seven pounds and 1.5 inches in October.  Woohoo!  I’m doing a happy dance right now!

Goals for November

~ 1,500 fitness minutes
~ Strength training:  30 mins, 3x week
~ 250 squats through the month
~ Walk/jog at least 100 miles (of overall activity — not just fitness minutes)

And here we go!


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