12 Habits for 2013 {October Recap}


12 Habits for 2013

January’s habit was:  Daily Bible study.
How I’m doing:  During my illness last month I sort of fell off the wagon on this habit.  I have started again but I didn’t do as well during October as I would have liked.

February’s habit was:  Exercise daily (even if it’s just 10 minutes).
How I’m doing:  I missed four days in October… not too bad.  You can read more about it here.

March’s habit was:  Drink 8 – 10 glasses of water daily.
How I’m doing:  While I was sick with strep I had a hard time wanting to swallow anything.  I didn’t hit my goal those days but I did before and have since.

April’s habit was:  Be early or on time for everything.
How I’m doing:  Not too shabby.  I can’t think of a time I was late for anything during October.  So either we did good or my memory is really bad… 😀

May’s habit wasLess procrastinating, more doing!
How I’m doing:  I really think this will always be a struggle for me but I’ve been doing my best to keep it licked.

June’s habit wasPlan and incorporate a morning routine.
How I’m doing:  My morning routine is getting easier.  I still have to tweak things occasionally but the general backbone seems to be working for me.

July’s habit was:  Plan and incorporate an evening routine.
How I’m doing:  The new dishwasher continues to help my evening routine tremendously.  We still get a bit off on occasion but it’s not hard to pick back up the next day.

August’s habit was:  Eat a healthier diet.
How I’m doing:  My weight loss challenges have helped me with this habit.  I haven’t even eaten any ice cream in over a month!  Crazy talk!

September’s habit was:  Get dressed to the shoes each day.
How I’m doing:  One of my easiest habits to really stick.  Even while I was sick I still got dressed to the shoes.

October’s habit was:  Declutter 15 minutes a day.
How I did:  Well… I’m making progress.  I did not declutter every day.  Not even every other day.  This “habit” has definitely not become a habit yet.  I will continue working on it though.  I’m not giving up yet!

November’s habit will be:  Spend intentional time with each of my family members.
My plan:  I do, of course, spend time with my family every day.  But do I spend time with my kids doing something they want to do?  Do I really listen to my husband when he tells me about his day?  My goal this month is to play more, listen better and engage each member of my family.  Every day.


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  2. Hi, this is such a great idea… mapping out good habits. I’m thinking your January one would be the first one that I would take on. I’m thinking that with God anything is possible so forming a habit of talking to Him probably can’t be all that bad :). Peace!

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