Goals for 2013: End of Year Update


Goals for 2013

I had 24 goals for 2013.  Some of them I completely bombed, but some of them I succeeded or surpassed.  Here are my goals for last year and how I did on them:

~ Read through the Bible in one year using this plan.
    I did not complete this goal.  I did way over half but sometimes I got sidetracked and started doing in-depth studies of something I’d read and then some days I just didn’t read my Bible at all.  I’m still planning on reading the whole thing through again though, however long it takes.
~ Complete at least three Bible studies.
    I did a study on the book of John with my church and a few studies through GoodMorningGirls.  
~ Teach my daughter (2.5 years old) numbers 11 – 20.
    We’re now working on 20 – 30.  It did take her a while to remember the number 15. 🙂
~ Teach my daughter weekly on the ABC’s.
    Even when we weren’t doing actual school weeks we still did learning games or watched educational videos on YouTube.  She is able to identify several letters now.
~ Work on one new habit per month.
    I feel like I completed this even if I didn’t do it as “perfectly” as I originally wanted (i.e. do everything every day).
~ Take pictures of the children each week.
    I didn’t count to make sure but I know we took hundreds and hundreds of photos of the kids this year.  I like getting pictures of the simple, everyday things.  Good memories. 🙂
~ Have monthly dates with the hubby, however simple they may be.
    We weren’t able to “go out” much as a couple but we have had some great, late movie nights at home.  
~ Have monthly family dates.
    Trips to the park, the zoo, museums, movies in our living room… we had fun with them all.
~ Take at least two overnight family trips.
    I think we had three overnight trips as a family.  
~ Write at least two encouraging notes every month.
    I started off well on this one but I’m ashamed to say that let it fall by the wayside.  
~ Write at least two blogs per week.
    If you average out the number of blogs I wrote last year it averages to more than two blogs a week, but I did not post two each week.
~ Start (and complete!) at least six crafts or projects.
    Yeah… unless you count craft projects with my three year old I definitely did not do this.  I think I did about three projects by myself.
~ Invite someone to our house for lunch/supper at least once a month.
    I totally enjoyed doing this every few weeks.  It is great to have adult conversation every once in a while and it’s a great incentive to get my house cleaned! 😀
~ Try a new recipe (or two) per month.
    I love to read Money Saving Mom’s blog and have tried several of her recipes.  I also dusted off the old cookbooks and tried some new ones in those.
~ Make homemade baby food.
    I made more baby food than I care to remember.  😀  I’m pretty glad my son can eat “big people” food now.  
~ Save up for an elliptical machine.
    Done!  Now I just need to use it more often…
~ Save up for a new washer and dryer.
    Done!  And I love them!  Soooo much better than my old ones.
~ Read my ever growing stack of ebooks/books.
    I’m pretty sure all I did was add to the stack… I failed miserably on this one.
~ Give to Goodwill/Salvation Army monthly.
    I gave several months, but not every month. 
~ Reorganize and declutter the garage.
    I didn’t make much headway on this goal.  It has to be done though!
~ Reorganize and declutter the shop.
    This is one of those low priority things.  We don’t use it and haven’t been in it much since we moved in.  Still need to clear out some of the previous owners stuff!
~ Lose 40 pounds.
    I lost about 15 pounds.  Not my goal but I’m headed in the right direction!
~ Walk 500 miles during aerobic activity.
    I honestly have no idea how many miles I actually walked but I know it wasn’t anywhere close to 500 miles.
~ Take at least two online classes/webinars on something I enjoy or want to learn more about.
    I did partake in one webinar (on photography), but not two.

So basically I achieved about half of my goals.  I still totally think that goal setting is the way to go — there’s no way I would have been even that productive if I hadn’t set the goals in the first place.

Stay tuned — tomorrow I’ll be finalizing and posting my goals for 2014!


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