Goals for the Week: January 6 – 12


Goals for the WeekI’ve really missed writing down my weekly goals.  It helps hold me accountable and I tend to get more done when I post them.  So let’s start the new year off right!  Here are my goals for the week:

~ Daily Bible study/quiet time.
~ Continue reading (or finish) the books I’m reading (affiliate links): Organized Home, Not a Fan, One Meal at a Time, and Duck Dynasty: Faith and Togetherness.
~ Flip all of the mattresses.
~ Give the kitchen a good detailed cleaning (wipe down cabinets, clean out drawers/cabinets, clean vents, etc).
~ Try these new recipes:  make ahead butterhorns and homemade freezer biscuits.
~ Practice identifying/writing the letter “D” with C.
~ Make a trip to the library.
~ Walk at least 15 miles.
~ Get the van cleaned — inside and out.
~ Take down and put away Christmas decorations (we keep ours up til the 6th).

Have you written down your goals for the week?


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  1. Taking down Christmas decorations is on my list too. 🙂 We haven’t been to the library since before Thanksgiving. Wow. Love how you added it to your goals, I just might have to do that next week.

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