Goals for the Week: January 13 – 19


Goals for the WeekHere were my goals for last week and how I did on them:

~ Daily Bible study/quiet time.
    I didn’t make time to do this every day, but I did most days.  My day always goes better when I start it off with some Bible study and prayer. 
~ Continue reading (or finish) the books I’m reading (affiliate links): Organized Home, Not a Fan, One Meal at a Time, and Duck Dynasty: Faith and Togetherness.
    I finished a book!  I can’t believe it!  The Duck Dynasty book was not really what I was expecting.  It seemed to be a lot of excerpts from other interviews that the Robertsons had done instead of the authors own interviews with them.  I did enjoy reading it though.  It was a pretty short read… probably why I was able to finish it. 😉
~ Flip all of the mattresses.
    Done!  The kid’s mattresses are a lot easier to flip than mine. 🙂 
~ Give the kitchen a good detailed cleaning (wipe down cabinets, clean out drawers/cabinets, clean vents, etc).
    I’m almost finished with this.  I have just a couple of cabinets left to declutter and clean.  And the oven vent.  It’s not a favorite task so I kept putting it off this week.
~ Try these new recipes:  make ahead butterhorns and homemade freezer biscuits.
    The butterhorn recipe was easy to make and really, really good (but it should be good with the amount of butter that went in them :)).  Definitely something that should be eaten in moderation.  The biscuits didn’t turn out as good as I expected.  I think that it was user error though.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t follow the recipe exactly right.  I’ll be trying them again!
~ Practice identifying/writing the letter “D” with C.
    Done!  She still doesn’t care much about writing her letters — she’s much prefer to draw — but at least I know she can identify the upper and lower case D.
~ Make a trip to the library.
    We went Wednesday morning and got a few books for all of us!
~ Walk at least 15 miles (aerobic exercise).
    I walked at least 17.5 miles that I counted.
~ Get the van cleaned — inside and out.
    I washed the outside on Wednesday during our library run.  The inside was done in bits and pieces all week.
~ Take down and put away Christmas decorations (we keep ours up til the 6th).
    I think it took longer to put away the decorations than it did to put them up!  But it’s finally done now.  (And I’m sure my neighbors are happy about that!)

And here are my goals for this week:

~ Daily Bible study/quiet time.
~ Continue reading (or finish) the books I’m reading (affiliate links)Organized HomeNot a FanOne Meal at a Time, and Christianish.
~ Give the dining room a good detailed cleaning (china cabinet, table, chairs, linens, etc).
~ Finish kitchen detailed cleaning.
~ Practice identifying/writing the letter “A” with C.
~ Go for a walk with the kids (weather permitting).
~ Walk at least 20 miles (aerobic exercise).
~ Rake for 30 minutes (weather permitting).
~ Give myself a pedicure.
~ Organize storage room in the garage.

Have you written down your goals for the week?


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  1. I really really really want to keep up with my goals for the week. I just have so much to do. I think I really need to buckle down and decide what my priorities are and then adjust my goals accordingly. Yours are so nicely laid out – they don’t seem overwhelming at all. (Well for me anyway – they certainly may to you.) Thank you for continuing to post these. It really makes me want to get back on track with mine. Think I’ll head over and post mine. 😀

    • Very seldom do I finish all of my goals for the week. But writing them down (and continuing to look at them throughout the week!) certainly helps me get more things done. I think that stepping back, re-prioritizing and adjusting goals is something everyone needs to do occasionally. So keep on rocking, girl! Babysteps!

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