12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge: Week 5 Update


12-Months-to-a-Healthier-You-5-500x800Earlier this month Crystal over at Money Saving Mom issued a challenge:  complete twelve healthy habits, spaced over the course of the year, which would help bring about a new, improved and healthier you.

And since I’m not doing my own habits this year I thought this would be an awesome challenge to take part of.  A few of my 2014 goals center around becoming more healthy.  Plus this challenge has built in accountability!  What’s not to love?

January’s Challenge:  developing the habit of exercising more

My Exercise Goals for January:  

  • 1,500 (or more) fitness minutes
  • at least 15 minutes exercise daily

This Week’s Progress:

I knew it would happen.  That point when you lose your momentum and can’t quite seem to get back into the grove?  Yeah, it’s been one of those weeks.

My husband has been working long, long hours this week.  My in laws are coming in a few weeks to stay with us (for two months).  My normally (relatively) well behaved children seem to have been replaced with non-napping, screaming, argumentative heathens.

And this mama lost it.

Oh, I didn’t take it out on the kids (yet).  But I’ve taken it out on me.  I stopped exercising enough.  I stopped trying to get enough sleep.  I stopped drinking enough water and replaced it with coffee.  I’ve worn myself out and really have nothing to show for it but a frazzled, tired woman in desperate need of a long bubble bath and a good night’s sleep.

So I wouldn’t say that I made much progress this week.

I did, however, reach my 1,500 fitness minutes goal.  For the week I did 214 fitness minutes which brings my total (as of yesterday) to 1,547 minutes.  I also still lost 1.2 pounds, which I’m quite pleased about.  I’m also pleased about a few small victories I had — like when I resisted the urge to buy my favorite ice cream when it went on sale this week.

Baby steps!


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