Goals for 2014 ~ January Update


yearly goals

My list of goals for 2014 and how I’m doing on them so far:

Personal Goals:
~ Read at least 50 books.
I’ve finished three so far.
~ Take part in at least four Bible studies.
I am currently on my first one of the year.
~ Complete a 5K.
No progress on this goal… yet.
~ Lose 25 pounds.
I’ve lost 3.4 pounds so far.
Homeschooling Goals:
~ Ensure C is able to recognize each letter of the alphabet (upper and lower case) and her numbers.
We have spent a week reviewing letters A-D so far. 
~ Begin teaching C some sight words.
I would like to finish reviewing letters before I start on this.
~ Read at least 100 books to C.
We have read six so far.
~ Read at least 50 books to J.
We have read three so far.
Financial Goals:
~ Save up and purchase new gutters.
We’re saving, but aren’t there yet.
~ Save up and purchase a fridge. ~~EDIT:  I am changing this to “Save up and purchase a fridge OR a dining room table and chairs.”
We’ll start on this one after we buy the gutters.
~ Save $1,000 cash for emergencies.
Almost there…
~ Save up one month of living expenses.
We’ll start on this after we complete the previous goal.
Homemaking Goals:
~ Declutter my home.
Of course this is a never ending goal, but I want to declutter the whole house at least once this year.  I’m making progress!
~ Declutter the garage.
The decluttering has begun!
~ Declutter the shop.
I haven’t started on this one yet.
~ Try 40 new recipes.
I’ve tried two so far.
Service/Fellowship Goals:
~ Invite friends over at least once a month.
Done for January!
~ Deliver homemade goodies to a neighbor or friend at least 10 times.
I’ll be honest:  I forgot about this goal.  I need to make it a priority in the next few weeks.
~ Deliver items to Salvation Army at least 10 times.
I have one box ready to go!
~ Find two other charities/ministries to volunteer with or help out.
Still researching ideas for this goal.
Blogging Goals:
~ Publish an average of two blog posts per week.
I averaged at least two a week in January.
~ Participate in the 31 days series challenge.
This won’t happen until October.  I do need to start thinking about my subject though…
~ Complete and blog about three crafts.
I’ve been completely un-crafty so far this year.
~ Learn more about Pinterest and use it more often.
I haven’t really done anything with this goal yet.

Overall I think I’m making good progress with my goals.  I’ve realized I do need to keep doing regular updates.  It helps keep my goals fresh in my mind and helps motivate me to complete them.

How are you doing with your goals for the year?  It’s not too late to set them if you haven’t already!


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