Monthly Archives: March 2013

April Fitness Challenge



I’ve been stuck in about the same place (weight-wise) since February.  So far I’ve lost about 7 pounds this year.  It’s taken me three months to lose seven pounds.  Well, actually I keep gaining and losing the same two pounds over and over again.  And over and over some more. 

I obviously need to change what I’m doing.

So here are my fitness goals for April:

~ At least 900 fitness minutes (aerobic or strength training)
~ A different strength training move each day
~ Outdoor activity at least once a week (while it’s still cool enough to do so here in the south)
~ Walk 6 miles a week
~ Lose 2 more inches
~ Lose 5 pounds

One More Week…


If you’ll bear with me one more week I promise I’ll be back.  A lot going on in this homemaker’s home lately (like every homemaker everywhere all the time!) like a sick child (with a fever we and day trips and overnight mini vacations while the in-laws are here.

I’m going to need a vacation to recover from my vacation!

But the in-laws will be leaving in a week, and we (thankfully) have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for my little one in a few hours.

So maybe my life will be back to “normal” in a week.

… Maybe.

But I’ll be back by then anyway because I miss this!